Sunday, 1 July 2012


Mad Decent is once again at the forefront when it comes to uncovering new genres. Trap is going to be huge, and beside Diplo's personal support for Flosstradamus, Mad Decent have made a big step towards conquering the newly exploding genre by releasing trap on a large scale, including a Munchi trap release, and this EP by newcomer UZ, whose "Trap Shit" series has been making big waves in the online EDM community, especially on soundcloud. Mad Decent have chosen to release volumes 6 to 9 of this series on their label, and say they are working on releasing more with UZ in the future.

My favourite track out of the 4 on the EP is V8, which you can hear above. The acidy synths are so harsh they make me grimace, then when we hit the main beat there's so much open space in the track, it sounds amazing. I also love the appropriately machine-gun-sounding drum rolls.

I would say V6 is the next best. It varies from the rest of the EP in style, taking a slower, less in-your-face approach, but remains equally as hard hitting, with the bass forming the dark main melody that just makes me want to put on my game face and skank out.

Listen to V7 here and V9 here.

Download the whole EP here.

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