Sunday, 1 July 2012

Munchi- Rotterdam Trap EP

Holy hell, Munchi made a Trap EP. Of course, we know he's a skilled man in many genres, having made genres as obscure as kuduro on top of the moombahton he is famous for, but this shit is just so so good. He has a degree of adaptability that is just incredible.

The concept for the album, according to the man himself, is "Dutch Bangers from when I was 17 in Trap". This means that you might hear some stuff you recognise in here, but it's gonna be destroyed and put back together in a way like you could never even IMAGINE. Also, Munchi has expressed his love for extremely long remix names that include VIP, which is why this EP is chock full of them.

The first remix on the EP (and to my mind the best) is of Chuckie and Hardwell's Bubbling track I-Alarm. The high-pitched lead nabbed from the original suits trap so well, it seems like it was made for it. Along with the well-placed vocal samples and standard trap drums, it makes a really solid track.

The second track, and coincidentally (or not) also the second-best on the EP, is a pretty standard-sounding trap song. That is, until 00:40, when Munchi decides to blow my balls of with a super-aggro high lead, sounding acidy enough to burn the skin. Cue wild dancing.

The third track on the EP is the Bouncing Harbour re-re-mix (yes I went there.). Munchi apparently recently suggested to Funking Matt that he should make moombahton, and Funking Matt replied he might and that Munchi should make a moombahton remix of Bouncing Harbour. Munchi, to punish Matt for not making moombahton, made a trap remix instead.
TL;DR, some back and forth between two awesome dudes led to a sick track.

Next comes the inevitable: a trap remix of Moombah (Afrojack remix), which although so predictable, turns about to be just as sick as we would imagine it could have been. Munchi also gives a nice little story in the description (read it here) about how the original of this track in some way brought about his career (through Moombahton), and hence his own remix.

The last track on the EP isn't so much an actual remix as it is an example of what I like to call edit-wanking. Munchi takes two classic tracks, and in his own words, "rapes" them, to produce something which, while sounding good, is also pretty damn funny. He identifies the moment of transferral from the sublime to the ridiculous as when he started to use the popular "Damn Son" drop as a high hat. He chose not to make this into a full song "outta respect to the 2 original songs". To be honest, respect be damned, I would've quite liked more of this shit.

This is a long post, but I figured an EP this good and this original deserved some time and respect. Munchi is a boss, who was kind enough to give us all this sick shit FOR FREE.

Download it here


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