Thursday, 20 September 2012

CRNKN- New trap

CRNKN is a 19-year old producer and a skilled maker of trap-influenced EDM from the very un-ghetto New Hampshire, USA. He has been making some waves with his recent productions, enough to get support from BBC Radio 1 and artists such as Flosstradamus and Foreign Beggars. Indeed, he's got big enough to merit collaborating with UZ on the sick track "Booty 2 the Ground".

Another huge track of his you should absolutely listen to is his remix of Die Antwoort's epic track "I Fink U Freeky". He keeps the flow of the original and uses the vocal track to perfection for a huge skanking classic.

For something on the more destructive, acid-lead side of trap, you can listen to his killer collaboration with Protohype,"Boom".

Not only is the man super skilled at producing, he's also got a sense of humour. Or at least, I assume that his Cascada remix is him trolling the shit out of us. The best part is, even if it is, it turns out to be a sick track. Until 1:20 it sounds like it will just be a cheesy remix of a cheesy song. Then he drops into crazy trap mode and evolves into a hard-hitting track which just makes me want to move.

He also puts a stroong mix together when he wants to. Listen to his Trillionaire Mixtape, enjoy.

All of these beauts have download links up in the corner of the widget.

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