Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Chris Hurst - Chilled Trap

Chris Hurst is a 17-year old producer from South Florida, and he makes a lot of pretty sick music. The above Major Lazer remix is chilled-out trap which keeps the summery reggae vibes from the original while changing the beat enough to to keep it fresh. I have to admit, I've enjoyed pretty much every remix I've heard of this song, but this one is especially good. Close your eyes and imagine the Jamaican summer.

This next one is just as good as, if not better than, the Get Free remix. It's once again super chilled trap, and let's be honest, you have to have pretty big balls to brazenly remix a classic like this. Once again, I just feel like I'm soaking up the sun in summery bliss, this time (appropriately) in California. The amount of talent this kid is showing is just ridiculous from a 17-year old.

This isn't bad either! Yet another good trap remix. This time he takes a classic and reworks it into something that starts out pretty funky and relaxed, but at the drop gets pretty "Ratchet" as he says in the title.

Hurst's newest effort is a remix of the classic rap track "Still Fly" by Big Tymers. I'm not too sure what I think about this one to be honest. While I'm not too into the build up, the drop has some serious potential. If only it went somewhere a bit bassier and harder, it would be really get me going.

One more think I like about this kid is he has a sense of humour. Realising he's part of the stereotype of white suburban kids getting into trap music, he is able to make fun of himself for it. On his Facebook page he posts "My mom on me making trap: "chris, why are you making that ghetto music? Too ghetto....too ghetto..." Me: "nah mom times have changed. White kids make this now." " 

Chris used to make dubstep before trap took over, but I don't think he worked very well in that genre. You can check it out for yourselves at his soundcloud. All of these tracks are available for free download just by liking his Facebook page! Just click the free download button in the widgets.

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