Wednesday, 2 January 2013


 UFO!, like so many others in the trap scene, is not new to production, but rather a well-established artist who got reasonable acclaim for their work in other genres, but really came into their element with trap music. In the past he made drum and bass, and more recently moombahton, but what I really love are his heavy trap beats.

"2012", his collaboration with Bro Safari, is my absolute favourite of his tunes. I love the fact that the drop hits you with a big gritty bassline, and then drops back into something subtle and understated seconds later. The contrast just drives me crazy. Also the backspin effects sound damn cool.

 "GOON TOON", released as a Halloween free download, is damn good too. It sounds appropriately spooky, and using a scream sample in a trap song is a lot more effective and a lot less annoying than it sounds.

On the more chilled out/OG side of things we have "I$ YOU WORTH". The pitched-up vocals and big string sounds lead us into a drop which is just so ghetto, it hurts. Definitely the kind of thing you want pumping from the speakers of whatever shit gangster car you have.

Best thing about trap? All this shit, as with most trap tunes, is FREE DOWNLOAD.

In case you're wondering what his moombahton was like, this isn't bad:

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