Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Trap music is pretty mental. We can all agree on this right? The reason for this, according to some inside sources, is that it's white people making, appreciating, and then dancing to, black music. Anyone who's been in a club with trap music playing has seen that white girl trying, and failing, to get a ghetto booty bounce going. Now imagine if you take this mental music, and get inhabitants of the most mental nation in the world (clearly Japan) to produce it.

Damn right, WATAPACHI are a production/DJ duo from Tokyo, Japan. Let the carnage ensue.

What I particularly like about them is how in tracks like the above "Play" they achieve the hard-hitting effect that is desired not through ostentatious, in-your-face high pitched leads, but rather through understated but definitively acidy broken up lead lines.

"Let's Get Ratchet" is the track that first introduced me to them, and I fell in love at first experience. The appropriately ghetto samples about phat asses and getting ratchet just get me in the mood to go full mental in a club. After repeat sober listening I'm starting to find the sirens a bit irritating, but I'm sure in the right (club) atmosphere they would really get me going.

Out in the street, this track is almost referred to as murder. Great sample, great tune. Full stop.

More acidy leads here, sounds sick as hell. Makes my face do that "OOOOOOOHSHIII" expression. Business as usual.

And now for something a bit gritter. Grind just gets so damn dirty, especially compared to the cleaner type stuff we saw above. Really really sick.

Just for the purpose of showing their versatility, here you can listen to a Floss-type, trapstyle rythm, and you can listen to some of their more chilled out/trippy stuff herehere and here.

These guys are sick, and this is just a selection of some of their many many great tracks, so check them out properly for yourselves at

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